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Welcome To The Power Of One Income 4 Life
Where You Are About To Discover How You Can Easily Make Money From Home Through Our New Viral System.

By reading through this website, you will learn how just 1 affiliate referred by you or any of your referred affiliates can earn you an explosive unlimited residual income which grows with every year that passes.

We have an established online presence dating back to 2010 during which time we have never received 1 single complaint about paying our members on time or providing what we promise with regards to service & products purchased.
Our Compensation Plan:
Earn 100% Matching Bonuses of $10 Each 4 Levels Deep!
This Means You Earn From Your Own Referrals  + Their Referrals + Their Referrals + Their Referrals. This  Is As simple As It Gets To Make Money Online.

To get paid you will need to have one or both of the following Free payment service providers:
A SolidTrustPay account which you can get Here or a Payza account which you can open Here.

The above sample diagram shows a $10 payout for you on any level to infinity. Our web is viral as is your income for less than $0.16 daily per year to make it residual and forever increasing.

Wherever the black line connects represents a $10 referral or matching bonus payment to you. In this case, you would have earned $140.00!

Even Free Members Earn So Sign Up Now To Get Started & Learn More!

As a Free member, you will earn only from your direct referrals and everone starts as a Free member. Once inside your back office, you will have the option to upgrade for an annual fee of only $54.75 which includes the following:
  1. Entitles you to earn a $10 instant commission for each personally referred PLUS a 100% - $10 Matching bonuses from all referrals down through another 3 levels of your team!
  2. Gets you access to  "Maurice Bernier's Master Marketers Course" where he shows you all the latest techniques for advertising your business, your brand name or any other business you choose to promote through live pre-recorded screen share videos & PDFs!
  3. More free software & resources in your back office than free members.
  4. Priority support answered only by the owner of this program Maurice Bernier.

Here's just a small sample of what you will learn!

Module 1:
  • How to use and organize your Gmail account/accounts to create multiple lists which you can legally mass mail too (Not as good as an autoresponder but it has served us well & still does).
  • How to contact your Google + circles using your gmail account.
  • How to instantly link all your blog posts so they get published on your Google + profile simultaneously.
  • How to properly use Google Alerts for increasing traffic and high quality back links to your blog or website.
  • How to get a never ending flow of Google Alerts which provide only the latest marketing strategies delivered right to your inbox.
Module 2:
  • How to properly set up a LinkedIn profile for best results with Google & other search engines.
  • How to grow a targeted contact list on LinkedIn for any niche.
  • How to use LinkedIn's published works feature to gain unlimited never ending traffic to your blog or self published works of any kind including press releases.
Module 3:
  • How to get your account started with Pinterest.
  • Why time spent on Pinterest can get better results over time than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Why 20 minutes daily on Pinterest is better than 40 hours weekly on Surf exchanges or Safelists.
  • How to grow a list of hundreds of followers within your first week on Pinterest and keep it growing.
  • Which Pinterest groups you should join and why.
  • How to minimize your time on Pinterest while still producing great results (Look over Maurice Bernier's shoulder as he shows you his daily Pinterest routine).
  • Learn how Pinterest can give you a lifetime of traffic to any product, service, blog or website you wish to sell without spamming (Some clickbank product images can't be posted because of this).
Module 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - etc...

Because we use daily updated marketing techniques & trends, we believe these modules will never stop in number. As long as there's something new to learn from the Internet, we will keep adding.

Everyone who becomes a member of The Power Of One Income 4 Life (TPOOI4L) either Free or Paid gets an affiliate website of their own with their name on it plus banners, sample tweets,
email and other promotion samples.

We strongly suggest using a Gmail account when joining us and be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see your sign-up information in your inbox!

- Easter Sunday April 20, 2014:
At the time of our new re-launch, many of the course materials above hadn't been created yet. Our first priority is to get your income started. The first module will begin through live participation with all paid members through our private Google + Hangout Community or uploaded to member back offices beginning the week of April 27, 2014. We are starting from scratch as are you which should prove that what we are doing what has never been done before with original content!

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Income Disclaimer: At ThePowerOfOneIncome4Life, we are totally transparent in everything we do and make absolutely no guarantees that you will earn huge sums of money with our program. We simply provide you with the resources and it is up to you & your efforts to promote which will decide the amount of income you receive. This is a real business and you should treat it as such. We are not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme!"

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